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In the age of discovery, a young archaeologist and his friends explore a ruin, finding a piece of the secret that will shake the foundation on which the world is built. With this knowledge, they journey to stop a man set on awakening a great power that could destroy everything they love. With forces beyond their comprehension against them, they set off to find the lost capital of the Frejian Empire, in hopes that they are not too late.

"Silus" is a turn-based role playing game in which you control a rotating party of characters following a story of discovery, friendship, and the struggles of learning from the past to create a better future. Solve puzzles, fight dangerous enemies, and learn of the world by exploring each area to its fullest.

- Seven playable party members total in a rotating cast

-Solve your way through dungeons and battle enemies with quick combat and movement.

- Exploit enemy weaknesses and use buffs/debuffs to succeed in battle!

- Multiple side quests!

- A quest of about 10-15 hours!


Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Talk/Confirm

X - Cancel/Menu

Shift - Hold to Run/Walk

Gamepad Support, Controls can be customized in the Options Menu from either the Title Screen or the Main Game Menu.


Concept/Story/Character Design/Map Design/Battle Design
Thomas "Jetstorm4" L.


RPG Maker MV by Enterbrain
Yanfly Engine by Yanfly http://yanfly.moe/
Fullscreen Option and SpellCheck by SumRndmDde http://sumrndm.site/
GameOver Script by McKathlin
Parallax Map Plugin by triacontane
Foreground Script by Sasuke KANNAZUKI


Ship Tileset and Weapon Graphics by "Avery"
Monster Graphics by Aekashics http://www.akashics.moe/
Fantasy Heroine Character Pack by Gee-kun Soft Final Boss Graphic by Katakura Hibiki: Lords of Darkness Graphic Pack
[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
Resource creators: Katakura Hibiki


RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Bengjamin Carr "Scythuz"
Gyrowolf Music Pack Vol 1 by Gyrowolf [Copyright](C) Gyrowolf
Virgo Vs The Zodiac Cosmic Music DLC Pack
Hiroki Kikuta
(C) Hiroki Kikuta�s Music Pack: The Fury -2017 Hiroki Kikuta.
(C) Hiroki Kikuta�s Music Pack: The Calm  -2017 Hiroki Kikuta.

Bittersweet Entertainment [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD (Visual Novel Maker)


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This game is on a professional level, I loved every second.  I would highly recommend this.

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the game window is a small square in the middle of my screen even in full screen mode is there any way to make it fill the whole screen?

Hi! I just tried out a few things myself just to make sure I see what you see. If you have the game set to full screen, try pressing the f3 key on your keyboard, that toggles the game's size with borders. I hope this works for you!

This game understands how to use the shape of a classic RPG to tell a lovely personal story with a beating heart. I had a great time with it, I'm glad to have lived in its world for a while.


This is the real deal. A solid 15+ hours of extremely Working Designs and Falcom energy.