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You have your meat right there? It's time to prepare that meat for the

big day! But how does one beat their meat you may ask? Well, with a
hammer of course! Fortunately for you, that space bar is right here to
help in preparing that meat!

-Press the space bar to get the most points you can! The game doesn't end until YOU want it to!

- A variety of meats to prepare! Choose from up to 5 different meats for you to pound away at.

- As you pound away, Carl the Chicken or Marietta the Cow may come in to provide a score multiplier! Multiplying the fun!

- Compare your beats to your friends! But there is no high score table, because when you beat your meat, everyone is a winner!

Install instructions

Executable in a zip file. Unzip and run the executable. Enjoy!


MeatBeat2017.zip 4 MB


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Probably the best fucking game i've ever played 100/10