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As the Cannan Empire reaches its way across the islands, conquering territories under the firm hand of the Emperor and a Mysterious Knight named Valles, the Imperial Prince Claude journeys with a girl named Hellen after he witnesses her village massacred by the very people he calls home.  Along with a Mercenary and a mysterious Wizard from the Order of Ragnard, Claude and his friends enter the sacred monument of Obelisk seeking the Fallen Star, said to have fell at the top of Obelisk when Ragnard first walked the island, before it falls into the hands of Valles.

- Four characters each with their own combat roles. Explore the dungeon with a party in the middle of their journey.

- 15 Encounters await you, requiring you to use your party's abilities to the fullest.

- Full Heal after every encounter and able to run to regroup if necessary. However your resources are limited...

- Journey through the Obelisk Island in a story that will take about an hour to complete.

By Thomas "jetstorm4" L.

Created for "Touch the Stars Game Jam" 2021 for RPG Maker Web


Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Confirm

X - Cancel/Menu

Shift - Hold to Run While Moving


Story, Design

Thomas "jetstorm4" L.


RPG Maker MZ




RPG Maker MZ

Add-on Series Vol. 1

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Publisher: Dejica Co., LTD

Light Novel Standard Music

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Creator: Bittersweet Entertainment

Virgo Vs The Zodiac Cosmic Music DLC Pack

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Updated 23 days ago
AuthorThomas L.
GenreRole Playing
TagsJRPG, RPG Maker, Short


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I quite enjoyed this! Combat felt nice and friendly while still being engaging and the story was nicely done. Really makes me wish there were more of these kind of mini-RPGs.

First Impression. Follow and subscribe if you like the channel. Inbox and subscribe if you want your game played :D?

This was really well done! I can tell you put a ton of effort into balancing the combat; this is the most cohesive and together and Falcom-y the fighting in your games has felt to me yet. That coupled with the beautiful dungeon maps and cute story (with a dope climax twist that affects the combat in a surprising way) and this one left me super-satisfied.