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The Egg has awakened and the Shrine of Darkmoon has risen once again, draining the life of this peaceful land. What's worse, the Dark Lord has captured cute elf girls and locked them away in his tower! The elf maiden Corris, who has arrived in this land seeking thrills and adventure, has come to the tower to put the Dark Lord in his place and save the elf girls! Either she will defeat the Dark Lord, or be captured herself, she's kind of into that.

Game is only intended for persons of 18+ Years of Age

Content Warning: 18+, Bondage, BDSM, Implied Non-Consent, Death, Blood

Pay the $8.00 and you can also download a folder of the Gallery Images, unused resources for the game, and other assorted images along with the game itself.

Designed by Thomas 'jetstorm4' L.

Graphics by Thomas 'jetstorm4' L.

Key art and Manual by Thomas 'jetstorm4' L. and SayaraTe https://twitter.com/SayaraTe

Music by YouFulca and PANICPUMPKIN

Font by somepx (Sins https://somepx.itch.io/humble-fonts-tiny)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThomas L.
GenreRole Playing
Made withAseprite, GameMaker: Studio, Bfxr
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, bondage, Erotic, Fantasy, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Corris ~Piercing of Darkmoon Tower~.zip 22 MB
Corris ~Piercing of Darkmoon Tower~ Omake.zip 438 kB
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super inspiring game, absolutely love this passionate diy energy, a real labor of love that made me feel like i could (and should) be hand-making my own OC eroge and ys 3-likes. there were a couple difficulty-related hiccups that tried my patience but they didn't stop me from having a complete and rewarding experience (in fact, i beat the final boss twice to see two different endings). bravo!!!

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This was a nice little platformer metroidvaniathingamajig, just some really good energy all the way through. I enjoyed slashing things up and continuing Corris's quest to get those Elves out of a mysterious overlord's hands...

After playing through the whole game I can safely say, truly Corris is the chad we've been waiting for

...Ok I've only done one ending so I don't know what happens in the others sorry


Amazing - this game may first appeal to you with it's cute chibi style and carefully crafted pixel graphics, but it's also a surprisingly addicting adventure due to its smart design and fair challenges. The developer's other works are very different but I still found myself enjoying this one immensely, like when I often found myself wondering if I should play it safe and go back, or keep fighting for an EXP boost.

Think of this like when you were younger, when a cool older relative snuck their favorite game to you, or you stumbled across a lost gem in a used game store. You can tell it's a labor of love and every decision precisely done.


This game is really really fun and lovely!! It's got a nice snappy XP curve, big cool levels to explore, and an adorable style. It's a surprisingly beefy adventure -- I spent a whole evening playing it and unlocking all the gallery pics and endings, and it all capped off with a really satisfying climax. This is my favorite game from this developer yet.