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Bunny returns in a Holiday-Themed Action Platformer! The Robot Chicken Army has taken the North Pole for some reason and Bunny goes off to stop whatever it is they're doing! Fight through 3 levels using Bunny's Double Jump, Carrot Bomb, and Slide to defeat the Robot Chicken Army and General Nukem!

Instructions: Unzip the file and run the executable included to play!

Arrow Keys- Move Left, Move Right, Press Up to read signs

Double Tap Left or Right to Dash in that direction. Dashing can defeat enemies quickly!

Z Key- Jump, Press in air to Jump in the air once

X Key- Fire Carrot Bomb

Couple of notes-------------------------

So hey! Here's another old game of mine! This one comes from December of 2010 and is actually the last game I made before stopping until about 2015 or so.  There are a couple of color choices in this that are supposed to be "Holiday Themed" but are kind of garish looking back such as the High Score Table combining White and Red background with Light Green text. The game itself is mostly free from this except I think the final two screens of the game before the final boss as shown in the fourth screenshot. It's kind of hard on the eyes for me these days so I assume it's that way for others most likely. I do apologize for these but I cannot go back in and make something else without completely remaking this and I just wanted to preserve this the way it was found on my external hard drive. But it is complete and I think it's pretty cute still. Excuse the title, I was like 19 and thought it was cute at the time too.

How tastes change sometimes huh?

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the included executable file


BunnysChristmas.zip 1 MB

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