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At the intersection of time and space. Four people from different worlds and ages find themselves lost in this plane of existence. Join these four as they play the game laid out in front of them by the god of this world and learn just why this space was created in the first place.

- Four Characters each with their specific place in battle

- 15 different enemy types

- 3 Dungeons

- A quest that will take you only about an hour to complete

Apollo's Realm is a project made in a couple of days time using default resources and setups using RPG Maker MZ. It is an hour long RPG story featuring characters from Silus and Super Hang Out! With Corris! It is recommended that you play through Silus before this game. While the story is non-canon to Silus, it does follow up and mention some story from the ending of Silus.


Arrow Keys- Move

Z- Confirm

X- Cancel

Shift- Run

Made in RPG Maker MZ

RPG Maker MV/MZ Remix Pack



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i spent much of silus trying to figure what corris' deal was, wondering if she'd ever join my party. i figured it out eventually, but it's still really exciting to finally have her on my team!

ps. i left the sky palace to resupply, but the boat back won't work anymore. i say "yes" when it asks if i want to fly there, but nothing happens.

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I will check on that boat problem to see what's going on there. Thank you!

Edit: I found it. Somehow I either missed that I didn't put the transfer event in there, or I didn't save somewhere. Nonetheless, I will be putting out an update shortly. You should be able to copy your save to the save folder. Thank you!